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Guaranteed uptime and just-for-you speeds 

Ziply’s Business Fiber Internet services are designed to provide high-performance, secure and reliable connectivity to the Internet across the best, fastest network in our region.

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Best, fastest network

Ziply has the best Business Fiber Internet Access service available in the region.


Increase your collaborative workflow

Better capacity.  We manage the network to approximately 40% of network capacity during peak load periods. This provides headroom in our network to accommodate “denial of service” (DDOS) attacks or a failure in a major transport fiber line or critical router.  Once a segment of the network reaches 40% of capacity, we add additional capacity. We have over half a terabit on our network, below 50% capacity on any given link.


Stay connected to
business-critical resources

Greater reliability. Ziply is building and installing a fully redundant, dual fiber paths, routers, cards and supporting technology in both our core and aggregation network to avoid service disruptions and increase capacity.


Confidently solve for
peak performance

More peering. Ziply has over 200 private peering relationships throughout our network. We maintain extensive private peering relationships with other major carriers, content providers, and access providers. We peer with all the major content providers (Netflix, Apple, Akamai, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) via multiple 10 gigabit direct fiber connections in key data centers on highly redundant routes, coupled with an extremely dense peering fabric throughout our network. This means with Ziply, we can bypass Tier 1 providers managing internet traffic with less congestion.


Secure your
vital operations

Local employees. Ziply employs over 1,000 people in the Pacific Northwest. We're owned and operated by local industry leaders, headquartered in Kirkland, WA. As a profitable company, Ziply continuously invests in highly trained personnel and service assets, in both headquarters and localized markets.



Business Fiber Internet Dedicated Ethernet Internet Access
Network Core network and equipment is designed, owned, and operated by Ziply with fully diverse with redundant paths to every POP
Support Ziply provides 24/7 NOC Support and acts as your single point of contact with rapid response time with our local repair teams
Up/down stream speeds Symmetrical
Speeds Available 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1000 Mbps 10-100 Mbps in 10 Mb increments, 100-1000 Mbps in 100 MB increments, 1GB and above available at 1GB, 5GB and 10GB
Typical Use Cases / Applications
  • Internet access for organizations who don’t have multiple locations and don’t require a full-service SLA
  • Organizations who are not satisfied with their traditional DSL or Broadband connection
  • No requirements for time-sensitive data (e.g., latency and reliability)
  • Bandwidth-intensive and critical applications (ERP, CRM, EHR, B.I./Big Data, Video)
  • Accessing cloud compute applications
  • Real Time Communications (VoIP, Video, Conferencing)
  • On-demand services or applications delivered over the Internet
  • Dedicated Access / Facilities (to each customer) No Yes
    Static IP Addresses Optional Included
    Service Level

    SLO / Best Effort

  • Availability: 99.0%
  • MTTR: Less than 6 hours
  • Packet loss:  1% or less
  • Latency (RT): 60ms or less
  • SLA

  • Availability: 99.999%
  • MTTR: Less than 4 hours
  • Packet loss:  .1% or less
  • Latency (RT): 45ms or less
  • Ziply fiber connectivity

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