Our business is keeping your business connected

Connected Business


Talk to an expert about how Ziply Fiber can connect your business.

Digital Transformation

It’s the purpose-built network for the connectivity demands of today

  • We’ve designed the fastest core network possible to give you unlimited possibilities.
  • We limit our network load to 40% so you’ll never be limited by slowdowns.
  • 85% of our traffic goes direct through our 200+ peering partners, giving you better, faster, secure connections.
  • We’re investing $500 million in a purpose-built fiber network of the future. Think of it as an investment in your business and your community.

How Ziply Fiber is Different

Reliably Fast You’ll always see high speeds, even during peak hours. We run our network differently—with plenty of capacity to spare.
Consistently On Our network is built with redundancy and capacity so that you won’t experience interruptions in service—days, nights, or weekends.
Confidently Ready We are the only provider who is creating a network that’s purpose-built and optimized for your internet needs.
Honestly Local We use our services at home, just like you do, and we care about bringing everybody the best service possible.