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Ethernet Transport services provide scalable and burstable Layer 2 solutions to meet the growing needs of your enterprise network.




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Private connections to productive teamwork

Ziply offers a full portfolio of Ethernet Transport services that provide the performance, reliability, and bandwidth that you need at significant cost savings compared to private lines and other legacy WAN solutions.
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Private connections to productive teamwork

Whether you need to connect two sites together or 20 locations to headquarters, we use five topology options to build secure pathways for the greatest productivity today—and your long-term business transformation.

Provides point-to-point connectivity between two locations.

Great for mid-sized companies connecting a single location to headquarters.
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Connect all locations to inform collaboration

Launch your digital evolution from a robust foundation with flexible bandwidth connecting all your locations—and an expert IT guide at your side.


Reliably Fast

Purpose-built for performance. Ziply Fiber is re-building the core network to never exceed 40% of capacity at peak hours. With over 20+ Tbit/sec on all inter-city fiber routes, sub 3ms end-to-end latency, and 3 Tbit/sec+ of edge-facing capacity, Ziply Fiber’s network is being built to meet your network performance needs.


Consistently On

A better network doesn’t go down. Ziply Fiber is engineering its core and aggregation networks to be fully redundant, with a dual infrastructure that will maintain customer connections even when an issue arises on the network.


Confidently Ready

Building a network for the future. Your network is only as good as the investment your provider puts into it. And at Ziply Fiber, we’re investing over $500 million of working capital in the communities we serve, for the best connectivity experience now and in the future.


Honestly Local

A four-state regionally focused network. Unlike Frontier, which is headquartered in Norwalk, CT and was under invested in 29 states, we are local. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, with offices in Everett, Yakima, Beaverton, OR and Hayden Lake, ID serving your business is our only priority.

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Ziply Fiber engineers your connectivity solution by layering your Internet access with either or both of the following technologies to build your network foundation exactly how you need it. 


Ziply Fiber Internet is powered by a super-fast fiber optic network, purposely built for reliability and performance. Our customized solutions give you the ability to tailor internet services that meet your specific needs.


Business success is based on dependable communication. We provide everything from traditional phone service to advanced hosted VoIP solutions.