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Build revenue streams, increase profits and grow your customer base across the Northwest with a fiber infrastructure built to last.



Dedicated channel support for industry-leading solutions

We’re rapidly expanding our purpose-built, 100% fiber network across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. With hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure investment comes an array of telecommunications products and services for you to leverage. Not only do we stand by our locally owned and operated network and state-of-the-art solutions, but we also provide training and support from presale through implementation, including onboarding, quotes and order completion. We work closely with several trusted technology solutions brokerages within the industry.

Internet access products

Person with dedicated ethernet using a laptop in a data center

Dedicated Ethernet

The reliability and scalability of Ethernet over lightning-fast fiber optics

Person wearing a lanyard in a dedicated fiber data center


Super-fast, reliable & secure internet solutions you can count on


Voice products

Person using Enterprise Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice

Turn-key office communications system with features for handset or desktop calling

Person using SIP Trunking on a laptop wearing earbuds

SIP Trunking

Fully scalable IP voice technology that reduces complexity


Connectivity products

Employees using dedicated ethernet in a warehouse

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi customized for your unique business needs

People using SD-WAN for video conference call


Intelligent connectivity with security, networking, and application control

Ziply Fiber Wholesale cables

Our network means business

Ziply Fiber’s 100% fiber, 100 Gig, fully redundant network operates at 40% capacity with no more than 3ms latency, so our customers never experience peak-time slowdowns or outages.


Fully owned and operated by local industry experts, we ensure that even routine maintenance and repairs won’t disrupt service, and we’re on hand 24/7 to support our commercial clients’ needs. We’re here for you. Because it’s our network, too.


Data centers at your service

Ziply Fiber’s extensive presence in data centers around the Northwest provides flexible interconnectivity for large bandwidth needs. Our long-haul network offers high-capacity, redundant, unique access to multiple routes out of the Portland area and among all major metro areas in the Northwest and can handle terabits of capacity for efficient connectivity and secure access to dark fiber. We’re the only regional provider with two fully diverse routes between Portland and Seattle offering high-capacity transport via wavelength and Ethernet services.



Ziply Fiber data center locations

Why Ziply Fiber

Built for business

Robust inter-city routes

Fiber core backbone capable of 20+ TBps on all inter-city fiber routes.

Overbuilt to major locations

Multiple 800-gigabit trunking to all major locations.


State of the art monitoring

Early detection network management

Automated remote monitoring ensures early detection of potential performance issues.

On-demand content availability

Direct peering and regional caching make content directly accessible on our backbone

Designed for speed

Core performance extended to the edge

Multiple core routes extend our core to the hub-site level.

Fully redundant

Core backbone is fully redundant to local aggregation networks.



Unparalleled scalability

In-region network ensures better performance

Local routing and direct peering result in critical network traffic staying in region.

100% Ziply Fiber

We own and maintain our own network, controlling all scheduled maintenance for peak performance at all times.

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