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Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet Overview

Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet is a high-speed internet connection for businesses that provides visibility and management of your network and applications through a customer portal. Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet is managed and supported by Ziply Fiber's commercial Network Operations Center.


Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet Benefits

  • Dedicated symmetrical fiber internet service
  • Application prioritization
  • Network monitoring and control via customer portal
  • Diversity, failover, redundancy and second-service connectivity capable
  • Available for single-site locations and can support multiple locations
  • 24/7 support & management through the Ziply Fiber Commercial NOC
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Why Ziply Fiber?


Fiber cables

Capacity Management — With network usage capped at just 40%, there's plenty of bandwidth to spare when upgrades are necessary or individual components fail.
Redundant core — Our core backbone is capable of 20+ terabytes per second on all inter-city fiber routes, with fully redundant local aggregation networks and multiple fiber connections down to the hub site level.
The Northwest's only built-for-business network — We've invested millions in the communities we serve, for the best connectivity experience now and in the future.
Four-state regionally focused network — We're local, with headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, and offices in Everett; Yakima; Beaverton, Oregon and Hayden Lake, Idaho. Exceeding your expectations is our top priority.


Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet FAQs

Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet is supported throughout the Ziply fiber footprint. In many cases, we can build to suit. 

We place an SD-WAN device that provides all the networking intelligence as part of the standard installation.

We strive to get you up and running as fast as possible. Installation intervals vary based on fiber construction, permitting, right-of-entry and other factors. If fiber is already established in your building, the installation timeframe will be much shorter.

We will provide your IT manager with status updates throughout the installation process as well as timeframes for work they need to complete, including any network configuration changes. 

It depends on the complexity of your network. In most cases, turning up a Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet connection does not require IT support other than answering the technical support questions Ziply Fiber uses to configure the network. You are free to use your own IT resources.

With Ziply® SmartConnect Fiber Internet, customers can see all aspects of the network right from the portal. Standard with all applications is the ability to see usage reports by circuit, device and user. This knowledge helps determine the strengths and gaps of the network.

Only network administrators are granted access to the portal. They can produce and review reports at will in compliance with the customers own internal policies.

Administrators must be assigned by Ziply Fiber. Contact Support at 888-488-0072 (4427 opt 1), available 24/7.

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