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Wavelength Services and Dark Fiber


Connect to existing backbone with Dedicated Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) or lease our fiber lines to build out your own network infrastructure




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Wavelength Services

Ziply Fiber offers 100G & 400G Wavelength Services, built using DWDM technology, throughout its footprint to support secure transport of large workloads for data centers and other locations. 


High-capacity connectivity and ultra-low latency allow companies requiring very large bandwidth to transmit data between two network locations, as well as customers needing secure, private, large bandwidth connectivity between offices and data centers or geographically distant locations. High scalability with dedicated capacity supports data-intensive applications.


Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber gives you full control over your network, allowing you to scale bandwidth and manage your own optical systems with the highest levels of network security and visibility. This solution is ideal for customers who need a private network between two locations in close geographic proximity. Intraoffice dark fiber is available to qualified locations throughout our footprint.

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Why Ziply Fiber


Network built for business

With class-leading capacity management of no more than 40% during peak loads, only 3ms latency in the core network, over 200 private peering relationships and redundancy engineered down to the aggregation network, Ziply Fiber is second to none.

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Our difference

We combine the power of our 100-gig+ network backbone with a personalized support team of dedicated Northwesterners who collaborate and problem solve with you as your business needs evolve.


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Ethernet Private Line

Private, scalable, low-latency connectivity to ensure productive teamwork.

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Managed WiFi

WiFi customized to your unique business for optimal performance, managed by Ziply Fiber

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Wide Area Networking

Easily enable new locations and applications with networking services


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