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Guaranteed uptime and guaranteed speeds

Whether you’re meeting the demands of a hybrid workforce or bandwidth-hungry applications, we offer a portfolio of fiber optic solutions that deliver the reliable, secure, and high-performance connectivity your organization needs and your customers demand.

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Dedicated Ethernet

The reliability and scalability of ethernet over lightning-fast fiber optics

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Dedicated Fiber

Optical internet connection that is a superior alternative to cable

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Intelligent connectivity with security, networking, and application control

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A network built for business

With class-leading capacity management of no more than 40% during peak loads, only 3ms latency in the core network, over 200 private peering relationships and redundancy engineered down to the aggregation network, Ziply Fiber is second to none.


Why Ziply Fiber

Built for business

Robust inter-city routes

Fiber core backbone capable of 20+ TBps on all inter-city fiber routes.

Overbuilt to major locations

Multiple 800-gigabit trunking to all major locations.

State of the art monitoring

Early detection network management

Automated remote monitoring ensures early detection of potential performance issues.

On-demand content availability

Direct peering and regional caching make content directly accessible on our backbone

Designed for speed

Core performance extended to the edge

Multiple core routes extend our core to the hub-site level.

Fully redundant

Core backbone is fully redundant to local aggregation networks.



Simply better

In-region network ensures better performance

Local routing and direct peering result in critical network traffic staying in region.

100% Ziply Fiber

We own and maintain our own network, controlling all scheduled maintenance for peak performance at all times.

Case studies


Person sitting on couch using laptop


Keller Williams Realty

Running a real estate empire from rural Oregon



Person shaking hands at a dealership


Doug’s Family Dealerships

Driving profits with fast, reliable fiber internet




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Hosted Voice

Easy, scalable & customizable cloud-based phone system

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SIP Trunking

Fully scalable IP voice technology that reduces complexity


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