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From battling snowstorms to braving wildfires, Ziply Fiber employees will do virtually anything to keep your business connected. Because for us, it's personal. With headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, and offices in Oregon and Idaho, we at Ziply Fiber understand what it means to live and do business in the rugged Northwest. That's why we're investing millions in building out fast, reliable internet across the region, with special attention to historically underserved communities. Read on to learn more about who we are and why we care.

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John Van Oppen

VP of Network, Kirkland, Washington


At Ziply Fiber, we build the network we want to use. Unlike other providers, we live here too.


I’ve spent the better part of 20 years as a network architect, engineer and leader building networks in the Northwest. I know the unique topography and climate and our fiber routes take that into account.


When I took over Ziply Fiber’s network design, I decided to completely rebuild the backbone and create the mesh network pattern to ensure as many back-up routes as the topography of the region would allow. My team and I are here to prevent network outages before they occur.


This network is my life’s work. For me, it’s personal.

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Headshot of Chris St Germaine

Chris St Germaine

Local Partnership Manager, Weippe, Idaho


When COVID started, I worked to keep businesses alive and sustain communities. The Idaho Department of Commerce informed us that CARES Act funds were available to build out the broadband infrastructure.


For 20 years, I’d been trying to get incumbent broadband providers to serve rural communities that desperately needed better internet. Then I contacted Ziply Fiber and within three months, we were building fiber infrastructure in Orofino and Weippe, Idaho.


I was so impressed, I joined the company. My career has always been about helping the underserved and underrepresented. Ziply Fiber allows me to do that.


For me, it’s personal.

Matt Cox

Equipment Tech, Stayton, Oregon


In 2020, a devastating fire spread through Detroit, Oregon and destroyed almost everything in its path – including connectivity for cell towers and residents. Communications for emergency services, fire crews and people living in Detroit were nonexistent.


To help restore communication lines, my coworker and I drove into the fire zone to work tirelessly to bring generators back online.


Later, more Ziply Fiber employees joined the efforts to restore service. We also set up a free WiFi station for residents to allow people to reach out to their loved ones to let them know they were safe.


Keeping emergency service providers reliably connected. For me, it’s personal.

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Headshot of Aaron Tjepkema

Aaron Tjepkema

Equipment Technician, Snohomish, Washington


In October 2021, one of our facilities had to run on generator power for an extended period. After a couple days of run time, the basement fuel pumps failed and were unable to pump fuel six floors up to the roof-top generator’s tank.


The Network VP and I carried five-gallon diesel fuel cans up six flights of stairs to the roof-top to power up the generator to keep the facility online. We do what is takes to keep the community connected.


We’re here to prevent network outages before they occur. For us, it’s personal.

John Mayer

Building Services Specialist, Stanwood, Washington


Last winter, snowstorms created several commercial power outages so our Maloney Ridge site frequently was dependent on its back-up generator. The site, which connects Skykomish to Stevens Pass, is 9 miles off Highway 2 on a forest service road in the Cascade Mountains, accessible only by Sno-Cat in the winter months.


We rigged our Sno-Cat with 55-gallon fuel drums and drove round trip up 3,200 feet of elevation on numerous occasions to maintain back-up power during the prolonged commercial power events to keep the resort and other businesses online.


Keeping Northwest businesses running. For us, it’s personal.

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