VoIP Solutions for Business Productivity

Ziply’s hosted voice solution runs over your public internet connection and has been designed to provide you with the flexibility and features that move your business forward.  Ziply’s VoIP services are easy to use, include features that enable your employees to be more productive, and avoid CapEx costs associated with traditional phone systems.

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Ziply Fiber Hosted Voice solutions combine traditional voice with today's IP networks, providing the ability to make and receive calls on PC, mobile, or desk phone devices.

Each premium seat includes the following: Unlimited local and long-distance calling (including Canada). Over 150 calling features including desktop and mobile apps with Twinning. One number can be used across all user devices and phones, desktop and mobile. Voicemail, including Visual Voicemail, instant messaging and presence, Outlook calendar integration, sequential ring (Find Me/Follow Me), Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking/DND, Click-to-Dial, speed dial, contact lists, and much more. Optional equipment: Desk Phone - Polycom 311, 501, or 601.
Ziply Fiber Connectivity

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Ziply Fiber engineers your connectivity solution by layering your internet access with either or both of the following technologies to build your network foundation exactly how you need it.


Ziply Fiber Internet is powered by a super-fast fiber optic network, purposely built for reliability and performance. Our customized solutions give you the ability to tailor internet services that meet your specific needs.


The best, fastest network for your business. We’re building a modern purpose-built fiber network servicing over 210 regional cities and towns, to meet your internet, data, and voice needs.

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